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Circolo Eledrea

L'Associazione Culturale Circolo "Eledrea", da circa 35 anni organizza ....

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Ayubowan Travels International was established in December 2009 with the primary objective of promoting the nature, people, culture, heritage and history in Sri Lanka.

Our tours are designed with profound commitment to provide the utmost satisfaction to the traveler in every way. Our tours are unique and go beyond the typical tourist experience every single day.

South West Beach

The Temple of tooth or Sri Dalada Maligawa is a temple in the city of Kandy in Sri Lanka. It was built within the royal palace complex which houses the only surviving relic of Buddha, Temple of tooth, which is venerated by Buddhists.

South West beach season – November to April

tour packags sri lanka Wildlife
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Our Wildlife tour plane create for nature lovers. A prgramme covers main wildlife national parks with many more to enjoy.

  • 7 Nights - 8 Days

North East Beach

Everything seems like different but it is the most beautiful and less visited in Sri Lanka. From April to September will be the best time to travel and visit. The coastal area is dominated by stunning beaches and large lagoons.

North East May to October

tour packags sri lanka The North
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The North

The North is a tour plan which you will spend 21 days in Sri Lanka and explore the island.  A great tour plan for explores+ Start from west part of Sri Lanka and travel around. Lets explore

  • 20 Nights - 21 Days

Kandy Perahera

2nd to 12th August 2022

The Kandy Perahera is one of the biggest Buddhist celebrations of the year. The festival is held every July / August for 10 nights culminating with the midsummer full moon in the hill capital of Kandy.
The Royal city of Kandy, Sri Lanka’s hill capital, Kandy, is situated about 500 meters above sea level. This capital of the Central Province is renowned for its culture and beauty and is a sacred city to all Buddhists since the “Dalada Maligawa” (the temple of the sacred tooth relic) is located in the heart of Kandy town. The Esala Perahara, a cultural pageant venerating the tooth relic of Lord Buddha, is a spectacular parade which goes on for ten nights in the month of August.

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